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Two wheeler Agriculture Tractor trailer with tipping

Technical specification for 3 ton capacity two wheeler tipping without springs Agricultural Tractor trailer Tractor trailer can be used for multiple reasons including transportation.

Fabricated components


Chassis is made out of standard steel rolled sections that is ms channels and properly Welded structures and sufficient cross members are provided maximum load bearing capacity with low unladen weights resulting in maximum payload and construction ensures maximum trorsional stability

Strength towbar is fabricated by suitable standard steel l rolled sections for easy turning radious.

Body of platform being made by ms sheet welded on ms channels cross members above the chassis and doors a made out of pressed steel sheets or plain sheets with angle iron farme.

Axle is made out of special alloy steel and designed to suitable taper roller bearing
To take proper pay load. The Bearing journals machined to close tolerance and induction hardened for long life serve operating condition .

Mechanically operated internal expanding brakes arrangements lever system being provided in front of the trailer.

All bearings are lubricated by heavy duty wheel bearing grease and made an arrangement to retain in the hub by oil seal.

Good quality synthetic enamel paint of different colours spray painting done over the anticorrosive red oxide .   


1. Overall length 4015 mm
2. Overall widht 1830 mm
3. Overall height 1550 mm
4. Wheel Track 1500 mm

1. Payload 3000 Kgs
2. Unladen weight 1050 Kgs 3. TOW Bar Load 1002 Kgs
4. Rear Axie Load
5. GLW 4050 Kgs
6. Tyre Size 8.25 x 20- 12 PR 9.00 x 20-14 PR
NOTE: All thedimensions and weights furnished in the design are subject to tolerance of 5%.

The trailer is designed to carry a payload of 3 tonnes at a speed of 30km/hr. It is made out of standard steel rolled sections i.e. MS channels and angles.
Assuming the axle weight to be 350kgs. The load due to the trailer self weight shall be 700 kgs is distributed all over the length of the trailer. The payload is assumed to be uniformly distributed over the platform length of the trailer.
965 3050
3 Ton pay load
B 3065 A
Taking the moment
RAx 3065 =700 x 2007.54 x 3000 x 2490 = 2700 + 350 kgs (axle wt)
RA =3050 Kgs
RA+RB= 4200 Kgs. (GLW)
RB = 4200-3050 = 1150 Kgs Two bar load)
As per M.V. Rules single axle fitted with two tyres allowable load upto 6,0T. Hence safe.


The axle is made out of special alloy steel i.e EN8
The Wheel Track of the trailer is 1500 mm.
The max distance between the center of spring set to the tyre center will be = 1500 – 1150 =175 mm
The Rear Axle load 3050 Kgs.
Load on each spring set =3050/2 = 1525 Kgs.
Bmmax = 175 x 1525 = mm3
266875 Kgs/mm.
The axle is made out of 80 mm round the section module of the axle will be = d3
Zxx 3.142 x 803= 50272 mm3
Stress produced on axle= BM max 266875 =5 30 Kgsimm.
Zxx 50272 Hence safe


There are 2 nos of ISMC 150x75 carrying equally the full unifomly distributed load of 4200 kgs Therefore load on each members will be 2100 kgs
The BM due to the cantilever loading
Where w= 2100 and L= 950 mm 3050
Bmmax = 2100 x 950 x 950 = 310696.72 kgs/mm 3050 x 2
The section module of the ISMC 150 x 75 is 103.9 cm
Stress Produced= BM 310697 = 3.0 kgs/mm? 103.9x10 103.9x10
Hence safe.
The end members are taking half the load as that of the central cross members. There are 6 central cross members and 2 end members.
Total number of cross members =8 Nos.
340 T 1150 340
Load between AB = 4200 X 1150 = 2639.35 Kgs.
Load cross member = 2640/8 =330 Kgs.
Consider the cross member fixed at both the ends the max BM occurs at support= (Wx 1)/12 330 x 1150= 31625 Kgs/mm

The cross member used here is ISMC 75 x 40 whose section module is 20.3 cn
Stress produced = BM 31625 = 1.55 Kgs/ mm 20.3 x 10 20.3 x 10
Hence safe.


Tow Bar is fabricated out of 2 nos of ISMC 100 x 50 channels whose section module is 37.3 cm
P. pulling force = Jx N
Where Comefficient of friction between road and tyre = 0.62 N Net Load = 4050 Kas
Tensile stress induced Pl Area (4200 x 0.62)
37.3 x 10 x2 =0.034 Kgs/mm
Hence safe.


The hydraulic operated tipper Can used here. The hydraulic Cylinder of 10.8 cm an hydraulic pressure of 140.6 Kolcm
Thrust developed in the ram = x 3.14x 140.6 x (10.8)
i.e. working at
12.88 t.
The hydraulic Cylinder is fixed at an angle of 30° for its initial position.
Capacity of ram = sin 30° x 12.88 =6.441.
Hence safe.
There are 2 nos of 8 25 x 20-12 PR tyres are fitted here. The max load on each tyre will be 1525 kgs. Permissible Ioad carrying capacity of this tyre is upto 2580 kgs
Hence safe.
The trailer is fitted with stop lights, reflecdors, T-plate, Number plate, tail lamp combination & park brake as per M V. Rules

Distance plate of wartsila generator of TATA POWER COMPANY LTD

​Distance plate

Structure fabrication work performed at TATA POWER COMPANY LTD

​Structure fabrication work performed at TATA POWER COMPANY LTD

Three wheeler carriage body

Body built on 3 wheeler carriage

Hydrant pipe line work performed in TATA POWER COMPANY Ltd
Pump house pipe line work performed in TATA POWER COMPANY Ltd
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